Business Etiquette, You Have To Know

When negotiating business, we should first learn the basic business etiquette, through appropriate business etiquette to communicate, business negotiations, often get very good results, so what should business etiquette pay attention to? We are here to discuss this issue with you.


Basic principle

  1. The order of introduction, low-ranking first introduced (host first introduced to guests, men first introduced to women, elders first introduced) first introduced low-ranking then high-ranking.square steel tubing
  2. Pass your business card before introducing it.
  3. To make a long story short, the language is concise.


Simple procedure

When a visitor visits a factory or at an exhibition, the salesman first introduces himself to the visitor. For example:

Hello, I am Rita, I am the sales person (administrator) , may I help you ? (Hand in your business card at the same time. Guests give you business cards, as a respect, to have a look, read the name of the guests and the company name.)

Introduce the leader or colleague to the guest first, then introduce the guest to the leader or colleague.tin plate suppliers Do not stand alongside without introducing. It is very impolite. For example:

This is our sales manager, Echo

This is my colleague / workmate, her name is UNA

This is Melody, our leader, she is in charge of the company, include production, sales and finance


Next, you need to introduce customers to colleagues or department managers and give them basic information.


Handshake etiquette

  1. The occasion of shaking hands – meeting or saying goodbye, congratulating or sympathizing, showing respect.
  2. The order of reaching out – the high-ranking one reaches out first! Ladies reach out first!Steel Pipe Suppliers
  3. When meeting, the host first extended his hand to show welcome, and when leaving, the host first extended his hand to show off the guest.
  4. When there are too many people, shake hands from near to far, from dignity to inferiority!


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