Can galvanized steel pipe be welded

Nowadays, many industries use galvanized steel pipes because they are easy to use and the quality of the products is obvious to all. However, many people who are welding galvanized steel pipes are not very familiar with them.Galvanized Steel Tube,Then, we will Let us introduce to you whether the galvanized steel pipe can be welded? What are the welding techniques for welded steel pipes?

Can galvanized steel pipe be welded?

Can be welded. However, the galvanized layer of the weld must be polished away, otherwise bubbles, trachoma, and false welding will occur. It also makes the weld brittle and the rigidity decreases.

Galvanized Steel Tube

Galvanized steel pipe welding skills:

The pre-weld preparation of galvanized steel is the same as that of ordinary low-carbon steel. It is necessary to pay attention to the groove size and the nearby galvanized layer. For the penetration, the groove size should be appropriate, generally 60 ~ 65 °, to leave a certain gap, generally 1.5 ~ 2.5mm; in order to reduce the penetration of zinc on the weld, before the weld, the groove can be The galvanized layer is removed after soldering. In the actual supervision work, the centralized beveling is adopted, and the blunt edge process is not used for centralized control. The two-layer welding process reduces the possibility of incomplete penetration. The electrode should be selected according to the base material of the galvanized pipe. Generally, the low carbon steel is considered to be easy to handle. tinplate sheets for sale

Welding method: When welding the weld of multi-layer welding, the zinc layer is melted as much as possible and vaporized and evaporated to escape the weld seam, which can greatly reduce the liquid zinc remaining in the weld. In the welding of the fillet weld, the zinc layer is also melted as much as possible and vaporized and evaporated to escape the weld. The method is to remove the end of the electrode forward by about 5 to 7 mm, and then melt the zinc layer. Go back to the original position and continue to weld forward. In the case of cross-welding and vertical welding, if short-slag welding rods such as J427 are used, the tendency of undercutting will be small; if the back-and-forth reciprocating strip technology is adopted, the quality of non-defective welding can be obtained.

There are three kinds of connection methods for galvanized steel pipes, namely welding connection, clamp groove connection and flange connection. 1. Welded connection method The welding connection of two galvanized steel pipes is a common connection method. This method is time consuming, but it is the best for the overall quality, and it is not easy to leak after welding.

Clamp groove connection method Clamp groove connection is a popular connection method nowadays, and the construction is convenient. It is only necessary to use two grooves for machining the groove and then use the clamp to connect. This method requires better quality. The clamps, the poor quality clamps are prone to water leakage, leaving hidden dangers for future users.

Flange connection flange connection is generally used at the connection valve.steel pipe manufacturers

The above is the whole knowledge about the welding of galvanized steel pipes and the welding techniques of welded steel pipes. The galvanized steel pipes are used in many places. It can be known from the above that galvanized steel pipes can be welded. of.

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