Ethanol Fuel Injection

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  1. Service your car routinely. For example a clogged air filter can add ten% to your fuel consumption and so can binding brakes or a clogged exhaust method. Normal oil modifications with the appropriate oil will also save fuel as clean oil has far better lubricating properties causing much less friction in your engine and transmission.

The inventors of the present invention have recognized specific disadvantages with these systems. For example, simply because the inlets to the main and secondary pumps may possibly require a filter, the fuel delivery module may possibly contain a huge number of associated element components resulting in a reasonably massive size to accommodate the elements and filters. In addition, the filters may turn out to be prematurely occluded with contaminants due to the comparatively large quantity of contaminants that could be contained inside the fuel, thereby decreasing the service life of the filter. Also, these filters may not be successful in filtering comparatively tiny contaminants, which may possibly prematurely put on the elements of the main pump, such as the fuel pump impeller, as properly as adversely effect the fuel program. Hence, it is desirable to collect and trap contaminants in the fuel prior to the contaminants reaching the inlet to the primary pump.

Ethanol in fuel can add other problems. Fuel with ethanol will go via phase separation if it remains also lengthy in the tank. The alcohol and fuel separate and fuel becomes unusable. We ought to in no way allow gasoline containing ethanol to stay in the tank more than 3 months. Frequently driving the vehicle is necessary to prevent difficulties.

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