Famous Computer Brand From Taiwan, China

Asus Computer Co., Ltd. (ASUS for short) was established on April 2, 1990. It is an international brand company in Taiwan, the largest manufacturer of motherboards in the world, and also a leading manufacturer of graphics cards, desktop computers, communications products, optical drives and other products. In addition, the name of ASUS comes from the company’s expectation of becoming a “great Chinese”, while the English name ASUS comes from Pegasus,galvanized steel tubing suppliers the Tianma of Greek mythology. It symbolizes artistic inspiration, learning, perfection and innocence, which is in line with ASUS’s spirit of never-ending idleness and pursuit of excellence.


Originate about ASUS

From a professional brand to a global 3C brand, ASUS always insists on uncompromising quality and innovation.


In Chinese, the Chinese name is “the great Chinese”, while the English name is inspired by the Greek myth “PEGASUS”, which symbolizes the image of holiness, perfection and innocence, and represents the spirit of ASUS’s unremitting pursuit of excellence.square steel tubing for sale


ASUS notebook computer participates in the PATA GONIA 2000 cross-country competition held in Israel. ASUS notebook computer plays an important role in vehicle navigation, communication and video communication. In extreme day and night temperature difference and bumpy road conditions, ASUS laptop perfectly assists the race schedule without any mistakes!


At 7 am on May 24, 2007, five ASUS laptops accompanied the Chinese amateur mountain climbing team to the summit of Mount Qomolangma. Among them, U5 became the first laptop to conquer the height of 8848 meters in the world.


CareFlight, the standard equipment of the Australian NRMA CareFlight Helicopter Rescue Team,steel coil manufacturers was selected to take charge of emergency medical and air rescue missions in New South Wells Province. Every time it was on duty, it was a matter of minutes. Therefore, it is more important to configure a laptop computer on a helicopter to collect information, research and analysis.


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