Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria(II)

Internal structure

The cathedral (Kolner Dom) is divided into five chapels (10 according to the data). The dome of the central chapel is 43 meters high and the span of the central hall is 15.5 meters. It is the highest hall in the existing cathedrals. There are 5,700 neat wooden seats in each hall, 104 seats for clergy, all made of very thick wooden boards. The Late Medieval style of the choir is the largest in Germany, and its special feature is that each has a reserved seat for the Pope and the Emperor.

Four walls windows

The four walls of the Kolner Dom have a total area of more than 10,000 meters. They are fully equipped with stained glass depicting the characters of the Bible. They are called the French Flame, which makes the Kolner Dom more solemn. It is said that the pictures are so beautiful, but only in four colors, and very exquisite.chick


A total of 11 bells were placed on the top of the Kolner Dom. The earliest was Dreik ö nigenglocke, which weighed 3.8 tons. It was cast in 1418 and installed in 1437. Then came Pretiosa, which weighed 10.5 tons, and Speciosa, which weighed 5.6 tons. They were installed in 1448 and 1449 respectively. The largest bell in the cathedral is St. Peter’s Bell, which weighs 24 tons and has a diameter of 3.22 meters. It was cast in 1922.


There are also several stone reliefs depicting the story of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Kolner Dom Cathedral contains many precious works of art and relics. These include thousands of design drawings of the cathedral at that time, and the parchment drawings used by the first architect, Hard, for the design of the Cathedral, which provide important information for the study of the architectural and decorative arts of the 13th century.

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