How to maintain the welded pipe rolls

The use of welded pipe rolls is more and more frequent. In the time of application, it is necessary to know how the welded pipe rolls are maintained, so that the welded pipe rolls can be used more durable, so how to maintain the welded pipe rolls, the following professional steel pipe automatic welding machine,The welded tube manufacturers explained to you.

1. Perform daily inspections on the welded pipe equipment, check whether each working component is normal, and make a specific time record. After the danger is presented, the welded pipe equipment can be diagnosed according to the record, and the timely reporting operation is performed. Repair it.

2. Lubricating the lubricating oil of the welded pipe, which can avoid the rust of the welded pipe and ensure the working power of the equipment. Zinc plating is also a method to avoid rust, and is also the most useful method.

3, often the cleaning of the welded pipe, the use of lye and acid to remove dust, thus avoiding the impact of dirt on the welded pipe.

In order to make the roll of the automatic pipe welding machine more durable, we need to maintain it. Through the introduction of the above, we hope to more effectively help the application of the automatic welding machine roll more durable.

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