New Education Direction In China(II)


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In 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a company conference that computer programs should be taught in primary and secondary schools and that students should learn programming as a “second language”.Steel Tube Manufacturers

In the United States, there has been a wave of programming in primary and secondary schools. Not only senior middle school students have been required to learned programming courses, but also visual programming courses have been begun in primary schools.

In Canada, many experts realize that in today’s digital age, the programming should become a necessary skill, which should be “on an equal footing” with reading, writing and arithmetic in primary and secondary schools. BC, Canada, plans to complete the development of programming courses as soon as possible so that students can start programming courses in September 2018.

In Britain, the education reform in 2015 stipulates that children between the ages of 5 and 16 will begin to learn to compile computer programs. The British government introduced programming knowledge into school textbooks and became a compulsory course in order to enable students to master the necessary computer thinking and creativity.

In Israel, as early as the mid-1990s, the Minister of Education made it clear that computer science should be valued as other scientific disciplines and taught in high school. Programming is a compulsory course in high schools in Israel, and all students have learned it before they enter university or go to military service.

In Japan, after 2020, all primary and secondary schools in Japan plan to start programming courses, which are compulsory for students.

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