Famous Computer Brand From Taiwan, China

Asus Computer Co., Ltd. (ASUS for short) was established on April 2, 1990. It is an international brand company in Taiwan, the largest manufacturer of motherboards in the world, and also a leading manufacturer of graphics cards, desktop computers, communications products, optical drives and other products. In addition, the name of ASUS comes from the company’s expectation of becoming a “great Chinese”, while the English name ASUS comes from Pegasus,galvanized steel tubing suppliers the Tianma of Greek mythology. It symbolizes artistic inspiration, learning, perfection and innocence, which is in line with ASUS’s spirit of never-ending idleness and pursuit of excellence.


Originate about ASUS

From a professional brand to a global 3C brand, ASUS always insists on uncompromising quality and innovation.


In Chinese, the Chinese name is “the great Chinese”, while the English name is inspired by the Greek myth “PEGASUS”, which symbolizes the image of holiness, perfection and innocence, and represents the spirit of ASUS’s unremitting pursuit of excellence.square steel tubing for sale


ASUS notebook computer participates in the PATA GONIA 2000 cross-country competition held in Israel. ASUS notebook computer plays an important role in vehicle navigation, communication and video communication. In extreme day and night temperature difference and bumpy road conditions, ASUS laptop perfectly assists the race schedule without any mistakes!


At 7 am on May 24, 2007, five ASUS laptops accompanied the Chinese amateur mountain climbing team to the summit of Mount Qomolangma. Among them, U5 became the first laptop to conquer the height of 8848 meters in the world.


CareFlight, the standard equipment of the Australian NRMA CareFlight Helicopter Rescue Team,steel coil manufacturers was selected to take charge of emergency medical and air rescue missions in New South Wells Province. Every time it was on duty, it was a matter of minutes. Therefore, it is more important to configure a laptop computer on a helicopter to collect information, research and analysis.


Travel in Vancouver, these Places you must to Visit (II)

  1. Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Museum is one of the most representative old buildings in Wenzhou. The exterior walls are all made of huge stone walls and the walls are meticulously carved. The museum is divided into 4 floors. The second floor often hosts large-scale exhibitions of various local paintings. The third floor is the collection of Vancouver’s famous late local artist EmilyCarr. The gallery on the fourth floor is connected by curved passages and can also be seen from previous courts. Exquisite patterns such as ceilings, domes, and bicarvings. Outside the museum is also a gathering place for important gatherings. galvanized steel tubing suppliers The street art performances in August and the Christmas Carriage Parade in December are all used as a starting point. Even various demonstrations will be held on the ladder in front of the museum!

As Canada’s most dynamic and vibrant city, the Vancouver Art Gallery reflects the city’s infinite creativity and bold imagination. Located in the bustling downtown area, the gallery is a platform for many art lovers. As a gateway to showcase its eye-catching achievements, it also plays a driving role in promoting Colombia’s artistic heritage. Through the management and screening of high-end equipment in the museum, visitors can enjoy the works of the most famous contemporary artists and internationally renowned artists in Vancouver. square steel tubing for sale The gallery also includes many magnificent works and artists of important historical character – Emily Carr, a beautiful landscape and village depicted by a great West Coast artist, and works of Colombian national culture through painting.

  1. Gastown

Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, Gastown, is located in downtown Vancouver and is named after the nickname Gassy of Vancouver’s first mayor, Jack Deighton. In 1867, Gassy built the first wooden bar in the gas town. More and more pioneers arrived, which enabled the gas town to build more businesses.

Shops, hotels and bars. At the beginning of the 20th century,steel coil manufacturers Vancouver became increasingly prosperous, and the gas town developed slowly. It was not until the 1960s that many hundred-year-old buildings in the gas town were re-focused. After the gas town was classified as a historical reserve in 1971, it revived. Gastown is Vancouver’s most historic area, whether it’s strolling through red-brick and cobbled paved paths, or walking into a Victorian building that has experienced centuries-old vicissitudes, or simply sitting in a cafe on the side of the road looking at the streetscape. There is a faint ancient European charm. The art shops, art galleries, antique shops, bars and many food venues on both sides of the gas town street make Gas Town a hotspot for shopping, entertainment and tasting in Vancouver.

Business Etiquette, You Have To Know

When negotiating business, we should first learn the basic business etiquette, through appropriate business etiquette to communicate, business negotiations, often get very good results, so what should business etiquette pay attention to? We are here to discuss this issue with you.


Basic principle

  1. The order of introduction, low-ranking first introduced (host first introduced to guests, men first introduced to women, elders first introduced) first introduced low-ranking then high-ranking.square steel tubing
  2. Pass your business card before introducing it.
  3. To make a long story short, the language is concise.


Simple procedure

When a visitor visits a factory or at an exhibition, the salesman first introduces himself to the visitor. For example:

Hello, I am Rita, I am the sales person (administrator) , may I help you ? (Hand in your business card at the same time. Guests give you business cards, as a respect, to have a look, read the name of the guests and the company name.)

Introduce the leader or colleague to the guest first, then introduce the guest to the leader or colleague.tin plate suppliers Do not stand alongside without introducing. It is very impolite. For example:

This is our sales manager, Echo

This is my colleague / workmate, her name is UNA

This is Melody, our leader, she is in charge of the company, include production, sales and finance


Next, you need to introduce customers to colleagues or department managers and give them basic information.


Handshake etiquette

  1. The occasion of shaking hands – meeting or saying goodbye, congratulating or sympathizing, showing respect.
  2. The order of reaching out – the high-ranking one reaches out first! Ladies reach out first!Steel Pipe Suppliers
  3. When meeting, the host first extended his hand to show welcome, and when leaving, the host first extended his hand to show off the guest.
  4. When there are too many people, shake hands from near to far, from dignity to inferiority!


The Mystery of the Universe – Mutual “Devouring” Objects(I)

There are innumerable phenomena in the universe that we can not solve, but scientists and astronauts in various countries never give up, and have been exploring and researching. Do you know about planetary devouration?Mini electric scooter manufacturer Let us have a detailed look at it.

Astronomers had predicted that if two planets were very close to each other, one might be swallowed up by the other. Now, this astronomical phenomenon has been confirmed by scientists’ observations.


The Real Estate Market has the Trends of Slowing Down in Many Countries (I)

From the United States and Canada in North America to Italy, the UK and Singapore, many countries and regions have shown signs of slowing down their home sales and falling confidence.

Confidence decline, and sales down

In 2018, the growth rate of US housing prices slowed down. galvanized steel tubing suppliers The price increase which accumulating in previous has exceeded the growth rate of income, which has weakened the ability of consumers to purchase houses and dragged down the confidence of buying houses. US mortgage agency Fannie Mae released a survey report in January this year, showing that the US home purchase confidence index fell 2.7 points to 83.5 points in December 2018 due to rising mortgage interest rates and rising house prices.

In terms of sales data, US home sales fell to the lowest in December last year. According to the National Association of Realtors, the sales of existing homes in the United States fell by 6.4% in December last year. After considering seasonal factors, the annualized sales were 4.99 million sets, the lowest since November 2015, and the year-on-year plunge 10.3%. In 2018, home sales fell 3.1% year-on-year to 5.34 million units, the lowest since 2015.

In Australia, Sydney and Melbourne real estate market prices fell to the lowest, the Australian real estate market confidence fell to the bottom. The data shows that housing prices in Sydney are currently down 11.1% from the peak in 2017. A joint survey released by the Australian Real Estate Industry Association and ANZ last month showed that the overall confidence index of the Australian real estate industry in the first quarter of 2019 fell by 3 points to 123 points, down 15.5 points from the same period last year, the lowest level since September 2013.

In Europe, the Italian real estate market also performed poorly. Compared with the real estate prices in other European countries, Italian house prices have apparently stagnated, down 0.4% year-on-year, and the decline is mild. In the same period, real estate prices in other European countries rose by an average of 4.3%.

The uncertainty of the Brexit in the UK has led to a decline in the willingness to trade in London. According to LonRes, the housing turnover rate in London in 2018 fell by 14% year-on-year. The shrinking housing transactions from London have gradually affected the periphery, square steel tubing for sale and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ outlook for UK housing prices in the short term has fallen to its lowest level since 1999.

In Asia, in the fourth quarter of 2018, Singapore’s residential prices fell for the first time in the past six quarters. According to the data released by the Urban Renewal Authority of Singapore in early January this year, private housing prices in Singapore fell by 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2018, and house prices in prime urban areas fell by 1.5%.

There are some common factors in the cooling of the real estate market in many countries, such as rising interest rates on loans, tightening of financing, and signs of economic slowdown.

The Most Breathtaking Tourist Attractions in the World (III)

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is the highest cliff in Europe, on the edge of the Midwest of the Irish island. The cliff faces the vast Atlantic Ocean and is known for its adventures. It spans 214 meters across the Atlantic Ocean and covers 8 kilometers along the west coast. At the same time, the Cliffs of Moher are also the most important seabird habitat in Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher is the highest cliff in Europe and one of Ireland’s most famous tourist attractions.Steel Pipe Suppliers The Cliffs of Moher are weird and famous for their adventures. The entire coast is like a chiseled sword. It stands tall and straight on the edge of the ocean. The highest point of the cliff is more than 200 meters above sea level. It is extremely majestic. The cliffs of the Cliffs of Moher are weird. The entire coast is almost vertical. It stands tall and straight on the edge of the ocean. The highest point of the cliff is more than 200 meters above sea level. There is a terrible informal bicycle path on this cliff, which the locals call it crazy overhanging rock. The width of these informal lanes is about 120cm wide. And some places are slanted. Some people who like thrills like to ride bicycles on this, and people have to admire them.

Villarrica volcano

The last is Villarrica volcano, although the Villarrica volcano is an active volcano, but there are a lot of people who are keen on adventure, they like to jump from the helicopter in the sky. Although local air travel companies generally face the problem of whether tourists will be in dangerous. So before some visitors want to experience this exciting skydiving process, they will be asked whether to sign a waiver. If you choose to waiver, then there will be no problem. If there is no waiver, Air Travel Company is not responsible for anything that happens during the bounce. Because this is your voluntary, so this is a thrilling process, you can try to experience if you have spare time.

These are what we talking about today.

You Must Know How To Use Facebook To Extend Products(II)

Step 3: Add Friends and Promote Products

At the beginning of your account, Facebook will recommend a group of friends that you may be interested in. They are similar in nature to Weibo and can be added according to your needs. At this time, you just need to wait for the other party’s consent. How to use Facebook for promotion? Because of the sharing of information among friends, the content you publish will be displayed on the friends’ home page, so the more friends, the more convenient it will be to promote products.Steel Sheet In the early days, you need as many friends as you can. Later, you can regularly update the product information you need to promote on your account, waiting for the buyer to come to your door.

Step 4: Adhering to the following principles of promotion:

  1. Before launching Facebook’s marketing, you can choose your favorite brand, partner, competitor’s content, and do research and study to improve the standard of your account.
  2. Long-term stable output quality content;
  3. Learn to use @ tags and # symbols to “emphasize” content, increase the probability of content being browsed, and also mark an address for posts, so as the traffic to offline addresses;
  4. Learn to use ‘Buzzsumo’ tools to find topics and ‘Bitly’ tools to shorten web sites;
  5. Statistical user feedback data of different content, periodic analysis, mining user favorite content.


And it is easier to learn how to use Facebook for promotion if you have nothing to do and need to study more about Facebook.

House Built Will Follow The Methods(I)

Have you ever thought about how the house was built? What parts do you need to build a house? What supports the ceiling and walls? What can keep out the rain? How many people were involved when a house rose from the ground? Accompanying with these questions, you may know the answer through my post. One of the surprises of American families is that most of them are built using fully standardized architectural practices. One reason for this consistency is a set of uniform building codes applicable to the whole country. Another reason is cost – the technology used to build houses can quickly produce reliable houses at low cost.tin plate suppliers

Choose contractor

You need to find a contractor to complete every stage of the building, from foundation to completion, assuming you plan to do nothing yourself. This will include as

  • Concrete contractor (foundation and flatwork)
  • Framing Contractor
  • Roofer
  • HVAC
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Cabinetry (sometimes the same as the finish carpenter)
  • Flooring

Site Preparation

Houses are usually built on basements, crawling spaces or slabs. Site preparation personnel usually arrive at the site using backhoes and/or bulldozers. The job of crew is to clear any site of trees, rocks and debris, leveling the site if necessary, and excavating the foundation as needed.

AIA’s Prospects In China(I)

Now the economy has been globalized. Subsequently AIA has also gradually been accepted by Chinese in China. So for Chinese, followed issues are what is an international accountant; In China, there are many international accountants so which one is the international accountant; What are the prospects of studying international accountants in China? Along with these issues arrived, let us understand and solve it one by one.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

Basic concept of AIA

The International Association of Accountants (AIA), was founded in 1928 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, is the world’s leading international accounting accreditation body. It has branches in many countries around the world and its members are all over the world too.

AIA was awarded the British Audit Qualification (RQB) in 1994, which is the highest honor and recognition that international accounting certification bodies can obtain.

AIA has nearly 300,000 practicing members, distributed in more than 140 countries around the world. AIA membership has been recognized by many regions and countries including Mainland China, Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Caribbean Sea, America, Africa and so on.

At the same time, AIA is also the world’s largest economy – the EU’s special audit organization. Having AIA certificate means having the identity card of senior professional international accountants.

AIA is one of the five major international accounting certification bodies. Its professional qualifications are permitted by law to engage in professional accounting and auditing in European Union countries, Caribbean coastal countries, African countries and Hong Kong, China.

In addition, it can also qualify as a certified public accountant with additional conditions in Canada, Australia and other countries. AIA certificate is an international passport for you to reach the peak of your career. It is an international certificate for your analytical, planning, management, decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

How To Understand Finance(I)

Finance refers to the issuance, circulation and withdrawal of money, the issuance and recovery of loans, the deposit and withdrawal of deposits, and the exchange of money. Finance is the equivalent circulation of value and profit after the re-integration of existing resources. (Professionally speaking, the process from savings to investment can be narrowly understood that finance is dynamic monetary economics.) Finance is the optimal decision-making behavior of resource allocation in uncertain environment.steel coil manufacturers

Basic meanings about Finance

The essence of finance is value circulation. There are many kinds of financial products, including banks, securities, insurance, trust and so on. Finance involves a wide range of academic fields, including accounting, finance, investment, banking, securities, insurance, trust and so on.

Finance is a kind of transaction activity. Financial transaction itself does not create value. Why does it make money in financial transaction? According to related expert, financial transactions are a way of realizing future earnings, that is, tomorrow’s money will be spent today. Simply speaking, the frequency of financial transactions is an important indicator reflecting the economic prosperity of a region, region and even a country.