New Education Direction In China(II)


Survey throughout the world

In 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a company conference that computer programs should be taught in primary and secondary schools and that students should learn programming as a “second language”.Steel Tube Manufacturers

In the United States, there has been a wave of programming in primary and secondary schools. Not only senior middle school students have been required to learned programming courses, but also visual programming courses have been begun in primary schools.

In Canada, many experts realize that in today’s digital age, the programming should become a necessary skill, which should be “on an equal footing” with reading, writing and arithmetic in primary and secondary schools. BC, Canada, plans to complete the development of programming courses as soon as possible so that students can start programming courses in September 2018.

In Britain, the education reform in 2015 stipulates that children between the ages of 5 and 16 will begin to learn to compile computer programs. The British government introduced programming knowledge into school textbooks and became a compulsory course in order to enable students to master the necessary computer thinking and creativity.

In Israel, as early as the mid-1990s, the Minister of Education made it clear that computer science should be valued as other scientific disciplines and taught in high school. Programming is a compulsory course in high schools in Israel, and all students have learned it before they enter university or go to military service.

In Japan, after 2020, all primary and secondary schools in Japan plan to start programming courses, which are compulsory for students.

Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria(II)

Internal structure

The cathedral (Kolner Dom) is divided into five chapels (10 according to the data). The dome of the central chapel is 43 meters high and the span of the central hall is 15.5 meters. It is the highest hall in the existing cathedrals. There are 5,700 neat wooden seats in each hall, 104 seats for clergy, all made of very thick wooden boards. The Late Medieval style of the choir is the largest in Germany, and its special feature is that each has a reserved seat for the Pope and the Emperor.

Four walls windows

The four walls of the Kolner Dom have a total area of more than 10,000 meters. They are fully equipped with stained glass depicting the characters of the Bible. They are called the French Flame, which makes the Kolner Dom more solemn. It is said that the pictures are so beautiful, but only in four colors, and very exquisite.chick


A total of 11 bells were placed on the top of the Kolner Dom. The earliest was Dreik ö nigenglocke, which weighed 3.8 tons. It was cast in 1418 and installed in 1437. Then came Pretiosa, which weighed 10.5 tons, and Speciosa, which weighed 5.6 tons. They were installed in 1448 and 1449 respectively. The largest bell in the cathedral is St. Peter’s Bell, which weighs 24 tons and has a diameter of 3.22 meters. It was cast in 1922.


There are also several stone reliefs depicting the story of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Kolner Dom Cathedral contains many precious works of art and relics. These include thousands of design drawings of the cathedral at that time, and the parchment drawings used by the first architect, Hard, for the design of the Cathedral, which provide important information for the study of the architectural and decorative arts of the 13th century.

Importance Of Education About Network Security(I)

Network development is very important now. Along with internet development, network job is very popular. However, because of limit of technology, there are also a lot of irregular operation and fake accounts of social platform to hide very well and the related technicians cannot search and identify these people out easily. So standing for development of network technology is very important for education of network. Certainly, along with advanced technology of network, some of irregular users or speculators will utilize this convenience to register fake accounts or inroad other’s information. So education about network security is much more important nowadays, in meantime the update of new technology will be concerned by technological companies. Let us read a real case from Facebook, a giant of social media, then you will know importance of education on network.

Fake Accounts From Facebook

Recently, there is a news about Facebook social media platform. According to insider of Facebook, they admit that Facebook unable to identify who was behind network of Fake Accounts.

On 17th October, 2018, in Menlo Park, California, Lexi Sturdy, the director of the election room, sat at her desk, where Facebook monitored election-related content.metal coil suppliers

Facebook said on Tuesday that it was uncertain who was behind dozens of fake accounts it banned shortly before the mid-term elections in the United States in 2018. After that Nathaniel Gleicher, head of cybersecurity policy, have written through company’s blog as “Combined with our takedown last Monday, in total we have removed 36 Facebook accounts, 6 Pages, and 99 Instagram accounts for coordinated inauthentic behavior,”

Floor Tile

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The Future of Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things, in other words, is actually a manner of bringing whatever may turn off in to the fold of their online super highway. This indicates harnessing technology to get in touch regular services and products online so you are able to automate their purposes via smart phones, tablets and computers. Before that the internet was applicable for various ways which included sharing of information, marketing, streaming and sharing videos and searching for information just but to mention a few.

Internet of things

Unless you have successfully avoided all technology on the last couple of decades, you are likely familiar with the word Internet of Things — or even IoT. What you might not know is what this term means, or exactly what this means for you personally.

Naturally, the enterprise is benefiting from those technological conveniences, improving the bottom line and the user experience.What’s available today: Businesses use the IoT to streamline previously time-consuming jobs. Counting inventory is really a labor of this past. Inventory management may be automatic, enabling lightning fast use of some range of metrics.

Once up on a time, the notion of a wise dwelling called to obey boggling, high tech houses just within the range of those wealthy. Times have now changed. Ericsson forecasts that you will see 18 billion IoT apparatus worldwide by 2022 . Of these, 1.5 billion use a phone subscription. Gone are the days when only multi million dollar Industries like media houses, steel and piping manufacturers and other large shell corporations.

What does all of this technology association mean in application? Imagine you can:

  • Close to your door out of your work.
  • Send your orders automatically and also have it all delivered.
  • Have your java brewing before you get up.
  • Bring your home to an ideal groove before coming home.No worrying about home cleaning in the process.

Firms were shrouded in theories like smart chargers as ancient as the 1990s. Ancient products such as the Electrolux Screenfridge might well not need gotten main stream, however with smart-phone possession at the U.S. at better than 80 percent (in accordance with consumer behavior analyst) this tech is currently readily available to almost everybody.

Other cases of Internet of Things actions that a number of firms and people have mentioned to be part of the future include;

  • Smart appliances dealing using smart electric grids which run themselves perform their own chores.
  • Smart cities at which omnipresent sensors and GPS read outs permit simpler streams of traffic warnings and hints to commuters concerning the perfect method to go around traffic.
  • Sensor roadways, bridges, buildings, dams as well as other sections of infrastructure that provide routine readings in their own condition of tear and wear and provide alarms when upgrades or repairs are expected.
  • Alarm clocks which start coffee brewing.
  • Remote control apps that allow users’ mobiles to track and adapt household tasks  from heating the toaster to conducting  numerous elements of your home tasks.
  • Municipal trash headphones that indicate once they have been emptied.

Internet of things


Get ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolution as the phrase will give us more recalling of industrial development from past to present. 1st industry revolution came as steam power and water power, despite the steam power not replace the water power, the steam engine started to be utilized in many industrial settings, not only in mining, in which the very first engines were used to pump water out of deep workings after through major developments by Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer James Watt. 2th industry revolution is well known as another technological revolution was phase of absolute speedy industrialization around the end of the 19th century and technology were related electricity and assembly lines. Next is about computerization as we have careered and now we also apply this technology for everywhere and every industrial. So what comes next as the fourth industrial revolution?

You might have been aware of the fourth Industrial Revolution, but just what is it? It is definitely a subject that’s been discussed over the last couple of years but gained much more prominence after it became a focus of conversation in the recent World Economic Forum. The first Industrial Revolution has been characterized by water and steam. The next Industrial Revolution has been the addition of power to mass produce matters. The next is distinguished by the world wide web, communication technologies, and the digitalization of everything. The fourth largest Industrial Revolution is the notion of blurring the actual world with all the technological universe.

We can see that happening in many areas already. Virtual reality that allows us to transfer to new worlds or eat and interact with information in new ways, robots and applications working side-by-side with people, nano-bots that may one day be injected directly into your blood flow to heal you of a disease, 3D printing limbs and tools, voice controlling your residence, tools such as IBM Watson used to help a doctor diagnose you, and that is only for starters! In addition, we need to think about matters like the net of everything and large data.

Simply speaking, it’s the notion of factories where machines have been augmented with internet connectivity and related to a system which could visualize the whole manufacturing chain and also make decisions by itself. And it is well on its way and will alter the majority of our endeavors.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has released a novel entitled The Fourth Industrial Revolution where he describes how this fourth revolution is fundamentally distinct from the previous three years, which have been distinguished largely by improvements in technology.

Within this revolution, we’re facing a range of new technologies which unite the physical, biological and digital worlds. These new technologies can affect all areas, economies and businesses, and also challenge our ideas about what it means to be human.

These technologies have great potential to continue to link tens of thousands more visitors to the internet, radically enhance the efficacy of company and associations and help enhance the natural environment through improved asset management, possibly even undoing all of the damage past industrial revolutions have caused.

However, in addition, there are grave possible dangers. Schwab summarizes his concerns that associations could be reluctant or unable to adapt to those new technology and that governments could fail to use or regulate these technologies correctly. From the book he postulates that altering power will make significant new safety issues, and that inequalities could grow as opposed to shrink if things aren’t handled properly.

Many experts suggest that the fourth industrial revolution will benefit the rich much more than the poor, especially as low-skill, low-wage jobs disappear in favor of automation.

But this isn’t new. Historically, industrial revolutions have always begun with greater inequality followed by periods of political and institutional change.  The industrial revolution that began at the beginning of the 19th century originally led to a huge polarization of wealth and power, before being followed by nearly 100 years of change including the spread of democracy, trade unions, progressive taxation and the development of social safety nets.

It seems a safe bet to say, then, that our current political, business, and social structures may not be ready or capable of absorbing all the changes a fourth industrial revolution would bring, and that major changes to the very structure of our society may be inevitable.

To be able to flourish, company leaders will need to consciously work to expand their thinking away from that which was traditionally achieved, and include thoughts and systems which could not have been contemplated. Company leaders should start to question everything, from rethinking their plans and business units, to finding the ideal investments in training and possibly tumultuous R&D investments.

The future is occurring around us. And we have to rise to the struggle to fulfill it and flourish in the new industrial revolution.

High-Speed Internet breakthrough

Nowadays, Society the most of people rely on Internet, no matter working through laptop, playing game through desktop or chatting through mobile phone, Internet is the bridge between the devices and people. So is that important about Fast Internet Speed? The answer is exactly ‘Yes’ for all questioners. But to realize breakthrough of internet speed is another challenge.

Google testing its Balloon-powered High-Speed Internet Service,

Two thirds of the population on the world doesn’t have net access yet, this data has been revealed by Google on the Project Loon Website. The technology giant community of balloons travelling to the border of space intends to connect people residing in rural areas, help fill web protection gaps and bring communities back on line following crises.

Once in the stratosphere, the balloons will probably be twice as large as commercial airliners and hardly visible to the naked eye, based on Google.Among those 3 balloons at least one which will be utilized in trials entered Sri Lankan airspace on Monday, was established in South America, the government’s data and communications technologies leader Muhunthan Canagey informed AFP.

Project Loon started in June 2013 using a trial in New Zealand. The technology has also been analyzed in California, Brazil and at the Australian Outback and Indonesia.The United Nations estimates that now 43 percent of the inhabitants in the whole world are linked into the internet and World Wide Web, largely in developed nations. The UN intends to connect all of the inhabitants from worldwide to online access by 2020.


How Well Google Fiber-like internet speeds delivered over your home phone line,

It is a brand-new technology which may deliver blazing fast net over the cables you presently have in your property. For many, it will be the first time they would have more than one option for broadband as G.Fast Guarantee.There are still plenty of questions surrounding G.Fast: When is it available? Who are going to have the ability to receive it? And just how much does it cost in terms of people’s concern?

But on Monday, one key question has been answered: How quickly of it is our vital important consideration? Well, Replying as Very.Israeli chip-maker Sckipio declared a fresh G.Fast solution that could deliver both download and upload rates 750 megabits per minute. That is 50 times faster compared to broadband which you most likely have come in your house right now.

But shortly that will appear slow. The following generation of processors which could come in another year will offer double that rate for both download and upload, Sckipio explained. That is 1.5 gigabits per second — faster than anything else Google Fiber provides now.Equal download and upload rates are getting to be more and more significant, as new technology demand increasingly speedy upload bandwidth. Uploading 4K videos, with virtual reality or playing video games require super-fast upload rates to operate properly.

How was life before the internet

Before the Internet, you could simply take it upon your self to accomplish a drawing on. You’d gently begin drawing something at a laptop, not certain what it had been, however you had let inspiration lead you and then–woop! –ends up you had attracted a squiggly alligator having a cockeyed strategy.


Before the Internet, you might proceed to some other country and nobody at school might understand anything about you personally. You’d don’t have any online historical past. You will be anybody. You’d narrow from the lockers having a faraway expression in that person and let people today assume anything they wanted. Like this you just were a girlygirl but might likewise be a tom boy. Or into your home town you had been friends having a lot of crows. And everybody else supposed that should they watched a crow it probably knew that you, as you had any sort of understanding using crows due to undefined telepathic abilities that caused you to look troubled now and then but crucial.

And should anybody wanted to monitor an older friend of yours and write a genuine letter to learn if some of it is true, well, best of luck on them.

Before the Internet, you might laze around in a playground bench in Chicago reading some Dean Koontz, and this could have been quite a simple thing to accomplish and nobody could understand you’d done it before you told them.

Before the Internet, for those who were in need of any facts you could actually opt to seek advice from an older individual, like the 1 surviving on your final basement. But then you’d end up watching “The Bridge on the River Kwai,” that you consented to accomplish since the older man asked this a delicate way which you mightn’t say.

Before the Internet, you’d have yawning summer afternoons once you had flop to a single sofa then flop down to another, then opt to craft a bogus F.B.I. card. You’d find any newspaper in the daddy’s office, copy the F.B.I. logo and your touch, laminate it using Scotch tape, then put it on your pocket, simply take it out of your pocket, look at it, and then put it into your pocket using a close grin.

It had been a heady moment!

You would certainly take some type of arts centre, wearing rugged overalls, looking in a menu of prized gems, and you’d say, “That’s cat’s-eye,” and your friend will say, “Nope. And there could not be a solution to look this up, no way to establish that was right, except when some one needed only a tiny booklet. You’d inquire, looking around.

Then you’d walk out and invisibly in the sky, only you on the human entire body, maybe not tethered to some network, adrift on your own at an environment of strangers at the sunlight.

Approximately ten minutes, you’d say you had a while, then wander till the kitchen where you’d become trapped staring in a fridge magnet. You’d wonder if you ought to expand that dance then and there. However, you’d have no way to follow to look up it; you’d only be standing at the deafening silence of one’s own kitchen in mid day, exclusively with your own thoughts.

You’d ask your self, staring at a few pencils by the telephone number.

Instead, you’d require a sip of your beverage and state “Aah,” like a individual at a commercial. Then you’d go do this in the front of a mirror, so to find how it looked. Because that is what it had been like before the Internet. You created your own pleasure

Before the Internet, you’ll simply sit in an arm chair with a book open in your lap, staring into distance or looking in a decorative dot onto the wall–type of changing back and forth between the two manners of being.