Square tube machine production raw material type requirements

The material of the welded pipe is generally divided into two types, one is a wide-width steel coil, which is characterized by a continuous hot and cold wide strip steel rolling mill with a length of more than 150 meters, and the other is a narrow strip steel coil, which is characterized by a medium-sized strip mill. The length is more than 20 meters.

Square tube machine production raw material type requirements

Wide-band steel coils generally have certain requirements in terms of width, and narrow-belt coils do not need to enter the slitting unit, so there is no requirement for width, and they directly enter the square tube machine to produce different welded pipes. 4 x 4 square tubing prices,Naturally, materials also have different requirements. The quality affects the metal function, which will affect the forming and welding and the metal function of the weld. The quality will also affect the utilization rate of the whole welded pipe unit, the pass rate, and the life of the unit. Therefore, the quality of the principle and the product is also the unit. Technical indicators.

With the continuous development of the national economy, the rise of the real estate industry, the demand for steel is increasing, and in steel, the proportion of steel pipe production is also growing. The production forms of steel pipes are generally divided into two categories: The production of seamless pipes is mainly produced by extrusion and drawing, and the produced steel pipes are seamlessly connected. The other type is the production of square tube machine, which mainly adopts the method of high frequency welding. It has strong continuity and high efficiency, and the cost of use is low. It has great advantages compared with seamless pipe.

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