The sun oriented module

The most significant part of the front finish of the power station is the sun oriented module c section steel, otherwise called the photovoltaic board, the board c channel purlins available to be purchased. Its quality will without a doubt straightforwardly influence the productivity and administration life of this framework. By what method can laymen recognize the nature of the board?

Need the vital “five look” abilities

One, take a gander at the welding procedure.

Take a gander at the battery string welding when there is no spillage welding, this can be seen straightforwardly through the appearance.

Second, take a gander at the business.

Take a gander at the provider of the segment. Take a gander at whether it is a standard brand in the business, regardless of whether it is an open venture recorded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Up to now, a sum of 244 bunches have been reported. There is an idiom that “the base of the tree is useful for the cool”, the guarantee and after-deals administration of the huge brand segments are ensured.

Third, take a gander at the nature of the back weight.

There is no unevenness in the weight, or air pockets, wrinkles, and so on. It isn’t hard to discover air pockets and wrinkles, as should be obvious in the sun.

Fourth, take a gander at the change rate.

High change rate is the assurance of stable salary! This change effectiveness surface is imperceptible and requires examination of segment parameters. Take the regularly utilized 60-piece polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic module for instance: the transformation effectiveness of the 250W photovoltaic module is 15.4%; the change productivity of the 255W photovoltaic module is 15.7%; the transformation proficiency of the 260W photovoltaic module is 16%; and the change productivity of the 265W photovoltaic module is 16.3. %; change effectiveness of 270W photovoltaic module is 16.6%;

Five, take a gander at the nature of the outskirt.

Is it carefully rectangular, and the blunder isn’t too huge.

Summarize: The segments are a significant piece of the photovoltaic power station. Once there is an issue, the photovoltaic power station worked by the individuals with blood and sweat won’t have the option to create power, not to mention the advantages. In this manner, regardless of whether in the city or in the wide open, clients must figure out how to self-distinguish the nature of the parts, and put the principal go of the power station.