TianJin Ancient Cultural Street(I)

I trust a lot of tourists from worldwide will know about Ancient Cultural Street in Tianjin of China. This ancient street inherits the style of ancient architecture. Meanwhile, you may taste a lot of local flavors and appreciate related building features and buy the classic accessories in China. Well, I will bring all of you to feel its charm and mystery.Steel Pipe

Outline of Ancient Cultural Street

Tianjin Ancient Culture Street is located outside the east gate of the northeast corner of Nankai District of Tianjin City and on the West Bank of Haihe River. It is a commercial pedestrian street and a national AAAAA tourist attraction. As one of the ten scenic spots in Tianjin, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street has always adhered to the management characteristics of “Chinese taste, Tianjin taste, cultural taste and ancient taste” and mainly managed and sell cultural goods.

There are nearly 100 shops and booths in the ancient culture street. It is the center of Tianjin’s old-fashioned shops and folk handicraft shops. There are authentic delicacies such as “Go Believes” Steamed stuffed bun, Erduoyan fried rice cake, Pancake rolled with crisp fritter, Laozhai candied medicine, Mr.Zhang drink shop, The Eighteenth Street fried dough twists and so on. Tourist attractions include the Tianhou temple, Himalaya, Qing Dynasty postal coins, clay figurine Zhang, etc.

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