Travel in Vancouver, these Places you must to Visit (II)

  1. Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Museum is one of the most representative old buildings in Wenzhou. The exterior walls are all made of huge stone walls and the walls are meticulously carved. The museum is divided into 4 floors. The second floor often hosts large-scale exhibitions of various local paintings. The third floor is the collection of Vancouver’s famous late local artist EmilyCarr. The gallery on the fourth floor is connected by curved passages and can also be seen from previous courts. Exquisite patterns such as ceilings, domes, and bicarvings. Outside the museum is also a gathering place for important gatherings. galvanized steel tubing suppliers The street art performances in August and the Christmas Carriage Parade in December are all used as a starting point. Even various demonstrations will be held on the ladder in front of the museum!

As Canada’s most dynamic and vibrant city, the Vancouver Art Gallery reflects the city’s infinite creativity and bold imagination. Located in the bustling downtown area, the gallery is a platform for many art lovers. As a gateway to showcase its eye-catching achievements, it also plays a driving role in promoting Colombia’s artistic heritage. Through the management and screening of high-end equipment in the museum, visitors can enjoy the works of the most famous contemporary artists and internationally renowned artists in Vancouver. square steel tubing for sale The gallery also includes many magnificent works and artists of important historical character – Emily Carr, a beautiful landscape and village depicted by a great West Coast artist, and works of Colombian national culture through painting.

  1. Gastown

Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, Gastown, is located in downtown Vancouver and is named after the nickname Gassy of Vancouver’s first mayor, Jack Deighton. In 1867, Gassy built the first wooden bar in the gas town. More and more pioneers arrived, which enabled the gas town to build more businesses.

Shops, hotels and bars. At the beginning of the 20th century,steel coil manufacturers Vancouver became increasingly prosperous, and the gas town developed slowly. It was not until the 1960s that many hundred-year-old buildings in the gas town were re-focused. After the gas town was classified as a historical reserve in 1971, it revived. Gastown is Vancouver’s most historic area, whether it’s strolling through red-brick and cobbled paved paths, or walking into a Victorian building that has experienced centuries-old vicissitudes, or simply sitting in a cafe on the side of the road looking at the streetscape. There is a faint ancient European charm. The art shops, art galleries, antique shops, bars and many food venues on both sides of the gas town street make Gas Town a hotspot for shopping, entertainment and tasting in Vancouver.

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