VW May Use Ford’s US Plants(I)

As I said before, the biggest obstacle to the US-Japan-Europe FTA is the automotive industry. These three parties are in a state of complete competition. Especially the Japanese-European automotive industry is a pure surplus to the North American market. This alliance between Volkswagen and Ford and the shared market should be the beginning of a tripartite coordination of the automotive industry. Free trade is what Germany would like to see. After tariff reduction and exemption, its cars will have better sales in North America. Well, what is concrete news of VW of German planing to use Ford’s US plants?galvanized steel tubing suppliers


Volkswagen’s chief executive said Tuesday after a meeting at the White House that the company was forming an alliance with Ford and could use Ford’s factories to produce cars.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Disney said the company was also “considering building a second car factory”. “We are in quite advanced negotiations and dialog with Ford Corporation to really build up a global automotive alliance, which also would strengthen the American automotive industry.” as adding in United States.

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. told reporters at an event near Detroit on Tuesday that talks with Volkswagen about an alliance were going “very well.” When asked about Diess’ comments that VW could use some of Ford’s unused capacity for car production, Bill Ford said the companies “have not gotten that granular in our talks yet.” he added “he did not want to say much about a VW alliance until the automaker had “a lot of definitive things to talk about.”

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