What is the irrational development of crane leasing

As a material handling machine, cranes have a large number of applications in various production and work situations, and their development and application in the market are becoming more and more extensive. The crane carries heavy objects in a certain horizontal and vertical range and moves intermittently. What is the irrational development phenomenon of crane leasing in the market? The LDE single-girder crane is an economical new type of lifting machine. So how is it constructed and what are the advantages? The following is an introduction to the “Introduction to Crane Rentals and Influencing Factors”.overhead crane supplier in China

What is the irrational development of crane leasing?

1. Adverse consequences of irrational marketing

Affected by the 4 trillion stimulus policy, many tower crane manufacturers have adopted a strategy of rapidly expanding production capacity, and they have seized market share through radical sales methods such as zero down payment and deferred payment. These practices are not in line with the law of market development. The downturn in the crane market has hidden hidden dangers, mainly reflected in the following points:

What is the irrational development of crane leasing

(1) A reasonable profit margin and cash flow cannot be maintained.

(2) Do not pay attention to the total return on investment.

(3) The improvement of corporate management and control capabilities cannot be adapted to the scale of enterprise expansion.

(4) When selecting the sales target, there is no careful choice of the leasing company with security control ability, which may bring a large amount of overdue mortgage accounts.

2.leasing users become more and more rational

In the tower crane rental market, the negative consequences of the aggressive sales approach have given companies a very deep lesson, and leasing users has become more rational. In order to improve the risk control capability of engineering construction, the primary concern of tower crane leasing has gradually changed from the original focus on price to the control and management of the leasing company.

As the development of the tower crane industry returns to a rational development path, the competition in the rental market will be carried out at the level of service quality, and the enterprises will eventually survive under market competition.

3. Vicious capital destroys the stable and healthy development of the industry

With the popularity of the real estate industry, a large amount of funds have poured into the tower crane leasing industry. However, many companies, driven by these funds, blindly pursue scale and try to expand market share, violating the law of market development.

Some companies even want to use the loss model of e-commerce to seize the market at a low price. This will lead to a decline in the service quality of the service capacity of the enterprise, and the profitability will be restricted. The occupancy rate of the entire industry is generally below 70%.

With medium and large tower cranes as the market target, the company will serve the high-end construction market and integrate the company with national business capabilities; the small and medium-sized tower cranes will be the market target, and the leasing companies serving the regional market will integrate their business; Professional tower crane companies will conduct business integration.

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