Worldwide News List For You(II)

Facebook Exposed Private Photos

Facebook vulnerabilities may expose private photos. “We are sorry this happened,” Facebook said in a blog. It said it would notify users whose photos might have been affected. Facebook said software vulnerabilities may have exposed nearly 7 million users’private photos, the latest in a series of privacy issues facing social media companies. Facebook said Friday that during the 12 days of September, photo malfunctions led to unauthorized access to private photos by 1,500 software applications.square steel tubing for sale

The software flaw affects users who allow third-party applications to access their photos. Facebook usually only allows applications to access photos shared on the user’s timeline. However, this glitch will allow applications to see other photos, including stories in the marketplace and Facebook, as well as uploaded but unshared photos.

Although Facebook said the vulnerability had been fixed, the disclosure brought new scrutiny to a company facing a series of security and privacy violations.

Brazil Governor About Pensions

Brazil’s new minister: Even the army has to compromise on pensions. In an interview, a former general who will soon become a government minister said that under the pension reform plan of the next government, every Brazilian, including current and former members of the armed forces, will have to compromise.

Santos Cruz said “There are some professions that will need to cede some things, as is the case with the justice system workers, the prosecutor’s office, and all public sector employment,” He added “The military is in the same situation. The idea of retirement, for example, is going to have to be tweaked.”

On Dec. 4, Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing president-elect, said he planned to tackle Brazil’s heavily financed pension system reform through sporadic congressional reforms, starting with raising the minimum retirement age.

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