You Must Know How To Use Facebook To Extend Products(II)

Step 3: Add Friends and Promote Products

At the beginning of your account, Facebook will recommend a group of friends that you may be interested in. They are similar in nature to Weibo and can be added according to your needs. At this time, you just need to wait for the other party’s consent. How to use Facebook for promotion? Because of the sharing of information among friends, the content you publish will be displayed on the friends’ home page, so the more friends, the more convenient it will be to promote products.Steel Sheet In the early days, you need as many friends as you can. Later, you can regularly update the product information you need to promote on your account, waiting for the buyer to come to your door.

Step 4: Adhering to the following principles of promotion:

  1. Before launching Facebook’s marketing, you can choose your favorite brand, partner, competitor’s content, and do research and study to improve the standard of your account.
  2. Long-term stable output quality content;
  3. Learn to use @ tags and # symbols to “emphasize” content, increase the probability of content being browsed, and also mark an address for posts, so as the traffic to offline addresses;
  4. Learn to use ‘Buzzsumo’ tools to find topics and ‘Bitly’ tools to shorten web sites;
  5. Statistical user feedback data of different content, periodic analysis, mining user favorite content.


And it is easier to learn how to use Facebook for promotion if you have nothing to do and need to study more about Facebook.

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